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Building Traffic With Online Video

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Get Traffic - Build Links

This program lets you take advantage of Youtube and other video sites to get traffic and build l-i-n-k-s.

First, we create short videos for you to promote your products or services and point directly to your website to drive traffic to you.

Then we upload them to all the major video sharing sites - like Youtube, Revver, Metacafe, Google Video, and many others, and they get spread all over the internet where they are seen by potentially thousands of people.

"Video Traffic Multiplier" is light years ahead of a standard link building program. It gives you two new professionally produced videos every month, and it promotes your videos so targeted viewers will see your message and click through to learn more about your product or service.

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Power Listings is Back

We've reintroduced our most popular promotional program called "Power Listings". This low-priced program gives you links in 6 blog posts every month. At least two of these posts are syndicated on more than 25 sites, so you get the advantages of the "Link Multiplier Effect".  Only $39/mo. Check out Power Listings.


Want To Put Video On Your Site?

Articles and videos describing all aspects of creating videos for the web. Low cost video production techniques, equipment and software alternatives, uploading tricks, self-hosting vs hosting on video-sharing sites, optimizing videos for search engine exposure, and much more. Check out Online Video Resources.


Improve Your Online Promotion

Free Keyword Analysis

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Free Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is more important than ever if you want to score with the search engines. For a limited period you can get a free keyword analysis with recommendations.

Listen to the audio

Online Promotion is all about building traffic. And building traffic is all about creating web pages, blogs, and videos that tell the search engines about your services. It is very important to build your web pages and videos correctly, fill them with the right kind of content, and then build links from external sources to get people to visit your site.

This is called Search Engine Optimization. The importance of this step is often underestimated by web builders and online entrepreneurs. You must choose the most effective keyword phrases that you want your website to be identified with, and then build your site to focus very clearly on those keyword phrases.

The second part of our online promotion system is dedicated to building links that associate your website with your most important keywords.

We have access to hundreds of websites and blogs where we can place keyword-focused content. This involves writing blog posts and articles, creating videos and other types of content that contains your links. This is the kind of content the search engines love - keyword rich, informative, and unique. The result is improved search engine rankings and more traffic to your site.

How Does Online Promotion Work?

If you've been involved in online promotion or website marketing at all you've probably heard or read that "content is king."

It is easy to gloss over the importance of this... to just say, "Good good, I know all about that and I am a believer" - and then do nothing about it. Because we get caught up in the mad scramble to promote our websites by do my homework for me - Assignment Experts Online. trading links or submitting to search engines or buying PPC advertising. We can easily forget that nobody will visit our site - or if they do, they won't stay long - if we don't have something helpful or useful for them to see, watch, read or hear.

Our Online Promotion and Link Building Products

Video Traffic Multiplier - Videos produced for you every month. Keyword-targeted and optimized titles and tags. Uploaded to more than 20 video-sharing sites.

Power Listings - Your link in several blog posts every month.

New Power Links - Monthly injection of links from blog posts.

Link Building Programs - Monthly injection of links from blog posts, articles, and Web 2.0

Kick Start - One time injection of links from blog posts and articles.

Keyword Analysis - We analyze your keywords in terms of your likelihood to get search engine ranking and traffic.

The significance of having interesting and useful or entertaining written and video content on your site is very easy to underestimate - even when you pay lip service to the slogan "content is king."

The fact is, online promotion using search engine optimization techniques is fairly simply. Your online promotion efforts must focus on dominating the search engines for your most important keywords. You must choose the right keywords, and then focus, focus, focus your online promotion on those keywords. More than anything else, that means build focused content, whether it is in articles, blog posts, or videos.

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This is what it comes down to... your online promotion will be successful and web traffic will come your way because people are interested in what you have to offer. The search engines will analyze your content, draw conclusions about it, and then reward you for what they take to be the value of what you are offering. That will create traffic. Without the search engines bringing people it will be very difficult to be an online success.

This cannot be over-emphasized. If you have interesting written or video content on your website you will attract visitors and get traffic from the search engines. But to maximize that traffic you must structure and present it correctly. So building content is important, along with presenting it in the most search-engine friendly way possible.

Our Online Promotion Strategy in a Nutshell

First, it is extremely important to a) select the right keywords - what we call your "primary keywords" -  and then b) score high in the search engine results (SERPs) for your primary key terms. That is the best way to promote your website and the most reliable way to get people to visit your website.

Many of us in the web promotion business see Page Rank as a reward dished out by the search engines. But Page Rank is only an indirect indication of your site's "value" as determined by Google - and not a very reliable one at that.

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Having good ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your primary keywords is much more important. Having good positioning in the SERPs will turn directly and almost immediately into traffic, will begin to attract links, and will eventually influence your Page Rank. So forget about Page Rank and concentrate on building content, both within your site, and outside of your site with the correct sort of links pointing back to it. Page Rank will follow. There are other ways to get traffic, but none of them will have the long term impact, and will cost as little as proper Search Engine positioning based on building interesting content.

Content Oriented Approach to Online Promotion

Here is a bare bones outline of how our content oriented online promotion works:

1. Understanding keywords is crucial. Every web entrepreneur needs a detailed analysis of their primary keywords, and should settle on specific keyword groups. Each keyword group should be targeted to just one fairly narrow niche.

2. Once you have settled on a keyword group that will serve as your focus you should create "web properties" that you want to drive traffic to. This is normally your primary website, but should also include other supporting sites such as a tightly focused blog, an ongoing series of videos, or another mini-site focused on the same keyword. In other words, each keyword group might have three or four focused web properties all of which are aimed at pulling traffic on that keyword group. Learn How To Start essay writer

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In all of our web promotion programs we encourage our clients to build useful and targeted content within their websites. In our Level 3 program we actually create videos that serve as traffic magnets because they are focused on your primary keywords. The idea is to promote both your primary website and your videos to get search engine ranking for these properties, drive traffic to them, and then redirect it to the most appropriate site or landing page.

Online Promotion Using Multiple Web Destinations

There are at least two reasons for using multiple web properties or destinations. First, each of them can have a slightly different keyword focus. If you want to score well for three main keywords within your keyword group, different videos can be optimized for different search terms. And second, the search engines often regard different types of web properties differently. For example, tightly focused blogs - especially if they are part of a larger site like blogger or wordpress often get crawled more often and are given more weight. Google owns blogger, so it makes sense that they might give blogger sites a bit of a leg up. Wordpress is another popular and effective place to build a blog to get results. And videos are given a lot of attention by the search engines these days - especially if they are found on video-sharing sites such as Youtube, Revver, Metacafe, and a host of others. These sites get crawled many times a day and often a video will start showing up in the search engine indexes within hours of being posted.

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3. Build content for each of your web properties. This is critical. Make your website's home page tightly focused on your primary keyword. Employ standard SEO strategy. If your primary keyword is, for instance, "carpet cleaning Chicago", then use that keyword within the title, headline and in several places throughout the article. Add variations and related keywords drawn from your initial keyword analysis.

4. Consider putting a detailed article on your home page (like this one) that focuses directly on your primary keyword. You can safely assume that if the search engines see a long detailed article about "carpet cleaning Chicago" or "online promotion" on your page with lots of related terms such as "carpet cleaning techniques", "carpet cleaning FAQ", "tips for carpet cleaning", etc., they will assume this is useful information that potential readers will be interested in. Do not use garbage content. Do not spam. Just use quality text drawn from your experience and expertise. If you need someone to help you write it, then hire someone to do it. You will not regret it.

5. Do the same with your secondary web properties - blog, mini-site, videos, etc. Add content that focuses on your primary keywords and optimize accordingly.

6. Continue to add content to your blog and mini-sites until you have a number of articles which are tightly focused on your primary keywords or closely related keywords that are part of this keyword group.

7. Do not use these secondary web properties just to create links to your primary website. View them as "traffic bait" - places to draw traffic that can then be redirected to other target URLs if need be.

8. Once your targeted web properties are in place and you have a good amount of highly targeted and optimized content your emphasis should shift to building links into each of these web properties. Not just to your primary site but to all of them since you want each of them to gain search engine ranking and attract traffic. Start an intelligent link building program aimed at building traffic, and search engine exposure for each of them.

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See our SEO and Link Building Products.

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